There have been some very notable attempts at creating sitcoms on streaming platforms. Some of them even when backed by big names have fell flat. They shall not be named. Now entering the ring is Netflix’s The Upshaws Rated TV-14. 

Starring Mike Epps as Bernard “Bennie” Upshaw Sr., Kim Fields plays wife and mother of three, Regina Upshaw and the unfiltered Wanda Sykes stars as as Aunt Lecretia sister to Regina. The Upshaws is about a family in Indiana stuggling to,”make it work and make it right without any blueprints”. The ten episode series debuted on Netflix on May 12, 2021.

The Breakdown

Bennie Sr. and Regina are high school sweethearts with whom many Gen X or Millennial African American couples may identify. The have a loving relationship that often has to overcome Bennie’s foul ups. They love and support their four children. One child was conceived while the two were on a break. Wife Regina is a supportive wife and loving mother who runs her home and when needed will run husband Bennie out the door if and when it is necessary.

Cast chemistry and great writing really lift this show to the heights it achieves. I binged watched the entire series in one day and even replayed a couple of episodes twice because I really enjoyed them. Co-created by Wanda Sykes and Co Executive produced by Mike Epps you would expect the show to deliver on the laughs and it does. I give this show a high rating for taking common sitcom fare and making it feel fresh. 

Show creators Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes struck gold with casting the veteran actress and director Kim Fields. There is something about her presence on camera that just feels right. Perhaps it’s the full on MILF vibe or maybe the show just hits all the right notes but you have to give this show a spin. Epps truly shines as a comedic actor and the rest of the cast from the Upshaw children to Bennie’s employees will having you cracking up throughout all ten laugh out loud episodes!

If you have not watched The Upshaws, I recommend you add to your list of shows to watch. I’m hoping for a season 2 and you should too.

Catch The Upshaws streaming on Netflix