Are you a movie buff with an insatiable appetite for film trivia? If so, get ready to test your knowledge and have a blast with our trivia contest centered around the hilarious movie “Strays,” featuring the dynamic duo of Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx.

As you dive into the wacky world of this comedy, get ready to answer questions that will challenge your memory, observation skills, and attention to detail. Let’s see if you can paw-sibly emerge as the ultimate “Strays” trivia champion!

Strays Movie Starring Ferrell and Foxx

“Strays,” in theaters this Friday August 18th 2023, is a side-splitting comedy that brings together two of Hollywood’s finest comedians, Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx. The movie follows the wild misadventures of two unlikely friends who find themselves in a series of uproarious situations as stray dogs.

With Ferrell’s signature comedic timing and Foxx’s undeniable charm, “Strays” delivers a rollercoaster of laughter and heartwarming moments that will keep you entertained from start to finish. This movie isn’t for children!

Trivia Contest Details:

Question 1: What are the names of the characters played by Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx in “Strays”?

How to Participate: Participating in the “Strays” trivia contest is as easy as 1-2-3:

• Leave your answers to the trivia question in the comments section below this blog post.

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• Win passes to see the 8/15 advanced screening of Strays in St. Louis MO

Contest Deadline:

Make sure to submit your answers now to be eligible for the prizes. Winners will be selected randomly from the pool of correct entries and announced on [August 15th]. Keep an eye on your inbox to see if you’ve won!

Get ready to laugh, reminisce, and show off your knowledge of “Strays” – the ultimate comedy adventure that brought Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx together. Don’t miss out on the chance to win exciting prizes while celebrating this hilarious cinematic gem. Good luck, and may the movie trivia odds be ever in your favor!