What up y’all, it has been a minute since I last posted some new music. Hopefully in that time you all have enjoyed the holiday season and perhaps started a few new goals for 2023. That being said I’m looking forward to what new music we may get this year and hopefully you all are too.

I hope this year I can bring a few new things on the music front. From featuring more hometown artist to adding more diversity of music selections from a wider range of artist. That said I hope you all have a happy new year and much success to all your endeavors.

J Cole x Batman – Procrastination

It has got to be a good feeling when one of the biggest rapper out searches for new music and uses your beat. This is what exactly happen to Bvtman, a producer who makes “J Cole type beats”. The Dreamville honcho was looking for a little motivation and decided to write a few bars to the track below.

Oddise – To What End

Prince George, Maryland rapper Oddisse has released a new album To What End today. For those unfamiliar with Oddisee, he is a self made producer and rapper who has been in the hip hop genre for the last 20 plus years. He has worked with artist such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Foreign Exchange, Little Brother, and many more. Oddisee ‘s sound could be described as underground/alternative but I will say it is good music.

Oddisee’s To What End focuses on, ” the reasons for why we do what we do and how far we are willing to go for it”, quoted from his interview with Bedroom Beethovens. Oddisee’s latest project features guest features from Freeway, Bilal, Phonte, Bennyfiasco, Kay Young, C.S, Armstrong, Oliver St. Louis, Toine Jameson, Noochie, Haile Supreme and Saint Ezekiel. Overall, To What End is a solid outing from Oddisee, my favorite tracks on the album include “How Far,” “Choices,” “Ghetto to Meadow,” “The Way,” and “Try Again”.

Elmine – Endless No More

Early last year I watched an instagram video thanks to Questlove showing love to an artist named Elmiene. The Oxford, England singer began singing professionally a couple years ago and has been posting videos to his instagram and gaining notoriety. His latest single “Endless No More” shows you his vocal range and proves why Elmiene will be an artist to watch in 2023.

Gloss Up – Before The Gloss Up

Memphis is throwing its hat in the arena as one of the premiere spots for rap stars these day. Gloss up, Quality Control’s latest signee can be added to that long list of stars. Today Gloss Up dropped visuals for “BestFrenn” featuring GloRilla alongside her new mixtape Before The Gloss Up. The project features Icewear Vezzo, and several up and coming artists. Notable songs to check out include “From Cross the Way,” “Don’t Worry Bout It,” and “Mad 304”.

Enforcer Friday Playlist

Don’t forget to listen to the playlist for today new music, until next time! Have a safe and fun weekend.

Elvin Chambers