The city of Saint Louis really showed love for hometown artist, Nelly on Friday afternoon. Joe Edwards (owner of Blueberry Hill, the Tivoli Theater, The Pageant, Moonrise &Eclipse, and founder of the St. Louis Walk of Fame) presented Nelly w/ a star on the Delmar Loop’s Walk of Fame. The American Planning Association named this thriving urban street, “One of the 10 Great Streets in America”. So this isn’t just a little plaque to hang in one’s living room. Its pretty major for Nelly. It was a great experience for Nelly who also surprised fans w/ a last minute performance at Blueberry Hill. It was also good publicity seeing as his next album releases in November. So those who were missing his sound were reminded of it this weekend. All he could say on twitter about his name being on the Walk of Fame is “wow what a day!”

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