crowdSeptemeber 25, 2009 Murphy Lee went Live and Unplugged presented by Delux Magazine at HOME Night Club in St. Charles.  The event was star studed with the likes of Chingy, The Lunatics, T Love, Hollywood Abe, The Diddy of the City (Delux Mag’s editor in chief’s alter ego) and many others.  People often complain of HOME’s customer service or lack of but this event was perfect and had no altercations. Shouts out to Security, GM Ray Davilla, and Arty J for making the necessary upgrades/changes.

The crowd was just as diverse as I have seen in a long time.  The magazine definitely speaks diversity but believe it or not they actually practice it!!!!!  The crowd was sexy, fun, and definitely satisfied.  If you recall the Magazine’s release party was just the same:  sexy people, a great atmosphere, and over the top amenities.  When we spoke to Keith Griffin, editor in chief of Delux Magazine, about how he keeps such a good diverse crowd he said confidently, “…all I do is numbers… they know my track record… people respect you when you respect them… shouts out to Murphy Lee he’s the one that needs the attention… not me… he’s the star that made this event possible…”

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