Everyone knows the story about Harriet Tubman, the pioneer, abolitionist, fearless woman who freed herself and led hundreds of other slaves to freedom. She made 13 trips ON FOOT to help free over 300 slaves. Harriet was determined to free those who needed freedom because in her eyes, God didn’t bring you into the world to be a slave all your life.

The movie depicts Harriet’s motivation, trials and tribulations and successes during her journey. To hear about Harriet Tubman in a history book is one thing but to actually get a visual of how she did it is another thing. Harriet walked by faith and God literally was her compass, or in present day, her GPS. She would have visions of good things that could come her way and of course the bad. Once she would get those bad visions and “vibes”, she would use that intuition to to travel different. A pastor being one of her many resources to freedom told her “Listen to God. Let fear be your enemy. Follow the north star.” Harriet had other help from historians and even businessmen/women. Teamwork really makes the dream work.

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One shocking and inspiring detail about Harriet’s journey is that traveled by foot from Maryland to Pennsylvania. That dedication to help her family and even strangers should motivate people to work together and help each other. We can get so far if we support each other, be resourceful and kind to each other.

No spoilers in this review, but the film is definitely a must-see.

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