Twelve movie trailer gives the best premonition to the thriller drama that has Rory Culkin, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson , Chace Crawford and  Emma Roberts in leading roles in the movie which has been directed by Joel Schumacher. Twelve is about the vices that are associated with the use of drug that lead to physical and psychological destruction. This is also about an individuals self discovering journey that has bitter landmarks in it.

Twelve follows the story of White Mike a young drug dealer who leads a double life. His friend Lionel encourages him to carry out the business but in the eyes of this childhood friend and love interest Molly he is a young entrepreneur. A twist in the fate puts Mike in cross roads when his cousin is found murdered and his friend Lionel is arrested for the crime.

Twelve is based on the controversial novel by Nick McDonell in the same name and with the release date set on 6th of August this is touching and engaging drama about life’s choices and how they affect an individual’s day to day living. With a unique out of the box plot Twelve sure will be a refreshing movie experience to the moviegoers.

Twelve Movie Trailer

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