So no longer a prototype The Morgan Motor Company intriduces The LifeCar has gone into production.  The vehicle has a mile range of 1000 miles of a full tank and runs off hydrogen.  Look likes the engineers in belgim got it right all the way down to the design.  So to all my global conscious individuals be ready to turn that Prius or Volt over to your grandma and grab a LifeCar — 0 to 60 in less than 7 seconds.  #NotBadLifeCar2

There is also another version I stumbleupon a post by Tim Stevens earlier today:

Imperia plug-in hybrid does 0 – 60 in four seconds not to bad for the next generation of transportaion.

Even though as we all watched the Jetsons as a kid I know im not the only one who thought cars were supposed to be flying by now.  But this will do!

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