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How are you going to snag one if you don’t know how to….THINK LIKE A GUY? A dating guide from the E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi, who knows if you want a little piece of his heart, you’re going to have to learn to get into his head.

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66 Kick-Ass Tips That Reveal What Goes on in Mr. Right’s Head—And How to Turn that Head Your Way

Giuliana DePandi has made a study of men. She knows what makes them tick. What turns them on. And off. And she’s learned that a sure grasp of how men view women and their behavior is the key to a happy, full and fun dating life. Funny, fast, and full of insight you can use right now, THINK LIKE A GUY acknowledges that men and women simply think differently. Want to know how? Sample five of the sixty-six wise ways to act around men below:

TIP # 6 Don’t Take an Hour to Get Ready
TIP #17 Never, Ever Kiss of the First Date
TIP #18 Words Never to Mention on the First Three Dates (“Soul Mate”, “Destiny”, “My Sister’s Wedding”)
TIP #42 Don’t Try to Break His Bad Habits
TIP #64 Don’t Surprise Him with Short Hair

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GIULIANA DEPANDI is an anchor for E! News. She has a master’s degree in journalism from The American University in D.C
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