HittBreaka DJ Jesse James BIO

– owner of OutDaWoodworks Marketing & Promotions,LLC est.2003
– DRAMAWARD member (kinda like a frat based out of Chicago; PsychoDrama,Triple Darkness,Snypaz,etc)
– owner of www.THETIPCDS.com   << my online cd store where i sell Chicago & Gary indiana music
– I did my first internship with Spud over at V.I.P. records in 2001/02.  I put started managing a group called LYRIKAL WARFARE.  When group broke up I started managing/marketing for Tantrum “DerrtyBoi” Montana.  I have executive produced 2 of his mixtapes as well as his two albums which have sold all through out the Midwest and Overseas. 
– I am the St.Louis rep for the magazines:
Ozone (I write the in the RAPQUEST section under STLOUIS)
Midwest Leak
Street Fame (I write the mixtape review section)
Fushion Magazine (digital online magazine)
24-7 Magazine
– Current & past marketing roster:
Lyrikal Warfare (past)
DerrtyBoi Montana (past)
Addicted Dopeness (County Brown label)  (current)
County Brown Mane (Hittmenn DJ)    (current)
Ray Goss   (current)
Yung Ro    (current) 
Jacka (Bay Area)  (current)


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