Just as we were getting ready to decide on a winner, Mase decides to do it for us.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rug, you know about the recent rap battle between Ma$e and Cam’ron. Throughout their time in the rap game, both rappers have repeatedly had it out publicly as well as made up numerous times.

After the Pastor released his track, The Oracle where he dissed the Dipset rapper, Killa Cam came back with his track Dinner Time. The Dinner Time track is a Heatmakerz-produced song that is fully loaded with some personal jabs at the former Bad Boy rapper.

Though in the past rap beefs have gotten quite intense, this one seems to be some fun competition between the two rap legends. So much so, they even had a funny exchange on Instagram about it.

The rapper turned pastor recently hopped on Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram page to crown himself the winner of the rap battle. “We’re not cool. I shook his hand cause I won. That’s it. As a man that’s what you do after you win unanimously,” Mase wrote.

In addition to songs, the stars traded jabs on social media, culminating in Cam’ron telling Mase to “go back home to Florida.”

Though the jury is still out with the winning verdict, though it may be leaning towards the good ‘ol Reverend’s way. Check out both tracks and tell us who you think took the crown!





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