Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny at the Pageant

Seven L. Maxwell

If you know nothing else about St. Louis, you know that St. Louis is a tough crowd to wow; yet comedian Kevin Hart and his cohort of comedians managed to keep the crowd cracking up for both shows Friday night at the Pageant.

After opening acts Spank, Na’im Lynn, and Corey Holcomb warmed up the audience with their side-splitting quips about everything from childhood to raising children of their own, the audience prepared for the headliner to come out and close the show.  With his name in lights and Five Heartbeats hit, “A Heart is a House for Love” blasting over the sound system, the crowd roared as the “Grown Little Man” took the stage and showed St. Louis why he’s the biggest name on the bill.

Beginning with his disclaimer about his ‘based on actual events’ comedy, Hart insists that he loves his children—although he often makes them the subject of his stand-up routine—before immediately starting in on his 3 year-old son’s “retarded behavior”.  The 5’5 comedian/actor then went on to discuss his ‘shortcomings’ in a way that only he can make seem so hilarious.

Soon after his signature short-jokes, he joked about his perspective on parenting before and after having children of his own before rolling into a tale of his own childhood. Hart described a childhood incident where his mother gave him a few choice words to tell his teacher—which included mild profanity. The crowd chuckled as he told the tale of him rehearsing the line over and over again before warning his friends to beware of what was to come.  The crowd erupted in laughter as he went on to describe how he was confronted by the teacher as he told of how he immediately disregarded the script his mother gave him and went into full “Samuel L. Jackson” mode as he spewed line after line of profanity at the teacher.

Hart also went on to discuss his fear of being knocked out in front of his son before sharing with St. Louis why he credits his father as being the funniest person in the world. As he described his father’s drug-induced antics while he was growing up, the audience laughed hysterically as Hart reminisced of a time when he asked for a puppy, and his father showed up to the house with a “full grown German Sheppard”.  He also relived embarrassing moments such as the time when his father would come into parent-teacher conferences wearing jogging pants and no underwear.

Line after line, the comedian delivered laugh after laugh to the audience who all seemed to really enjoy the show.  From the time he stepped onto the stage, until the time he closed, Kevin Hart stood proudly as his larger-than-life personality was released from his compact frame, as his fans had an opportunity to witness first-hand, his transition from a funny little man into a comedic giant.

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