Imagine you’re a passenger on a plane somewhere in Australia.  Maybe you’re watching a movie, maybe you’re enjoying some peanuts or a ginger ale or something.  Or, like one guy, maybe you’re on your way back from the bathroom when all of a sudden a mob of preternaturally beautiful people start swaying and moving their arms about.  That’s what happened during Kanye West‘s Australian tour when his dancers staged an in-flight flash mob that featured their “Runaway” routine.  One crucial thing that’s a little unclear is whether the song was actually playing during the flash mob and, assuming it was, how loud was it?  A bunch of girls doing choreographed moves is cool either way but it’d be super annoying to hear ‘Ye croon “Have a toast for the douchebags / let’s have a toast for the assholes” in the background while you’re trying to take a nap. Watch the whole thing below this is really fun:

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