These 3-watt light bulbs project a soft, candle-like glow and use colored XX filaments inside.

Spice up your dining room, lounge, or home bar with these limited-edition light bulbs from Brooklyn-based artist Kaws. The 3-watt light bulbs have a soft glow with XX filaments inside for added interest. In collaboration with The Standard, solo artist Kaws created the light bulbs with the reinvention of something basic as inspiration. Each set comes with three bulbs, including one red, one green, and one purple. The Kaws Light Bulbs ($65 for three) are 120 volts and screw into any normal incandescent light fixture. The artsy feel and soft, warm glow of these bulbs make them perfect to hang over your bar for added mood or your dining table as a conversation starter. Either way, don’t bother covering up these pretty puppies with a lampshade.

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