Kanye West showed his long-awaited Adidas Originals collection, entitled “Yeezy Season 1”, at New York Fashion Week yesterday (February 12).

It seems that more people were interested in baby North’s temper tantrum than Yeezy’s clothes.  The collection received lackluster reviews from critics.

When the show opened, West’s voice was heard on a recording of a philosophical monologue saying: “People just write negative things. They want to joke around and say, ‘Why is he still trying?’”

And then he answered his own question: “I want to create something better for you,” he declared. “We have been limited. There’s a lack of creativity in every field because people are afraid.”

Apparently, several fashion critics believe that West’s collection was not as creative as he said it would be.

Refinery29 stated: “In terms of the collection itself, things weren’t as revolutionary — or “pavement-cracking” — as promised.”


Robin Givhan, The Washington Post’s Pulitzer-winning fashion critic was not impressed either.  Givhan said in her article: “But just because he did not succeed at the lofty goals he set for himself, just because some elements of his collection failed, that doesn’t mean he should stop trying. Every attempt is an education.”

West was applauded for using models of different ethnic backgrounds and body shapes.  Critics also enjoyed seeing his Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost footwear on display.

Only 9,000 pairs of Yeezy Boosts will go on sale this Saturday, February 14, for $350. They can be reserved via Adidas’ new app. A wider release is set for February 28.

West also debuted a new song called “Wolves” featuring Sia and Vic Mensa.  The song is the first track on his new album, which still has no release date.

The collection was not mind blowing, but at least Kanye took a risk.

Check out the show here:

Here’s the ad for Yeezy Boots:

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