Just Go With It

Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nick Swardson.
Director: Dennis Dugan

Alright, well, this is the newest Adam Sandler movie and it is the acting debut of supermodel, Brooklyn Decker. This is movie is like many of Sandler’s past films, complete with childish humor, jokes that run throughout the movie, and the same familiar faces that are now a mainstay in Sandler comedies. With all that being said, I absolutely loved it. I mean the plot is simple and overdone, but it works for Adam, and the supporting cast definately helps the cause. Sandler plays a ladies’ man, that, with the help of a fake wedding ring manages to land some pretty hot one-nighters. However when he meets the ONE (Brooklyn Decker), and she finds the ring, he has to make up a very lengthy and hilarious lie to come out clean. He enlists the help of his assistant (Anisotn), and eventually his kids. Twists and turns along the way lead them all down to Hawaii for a big family vacation with a tag-a-long cousin/boyfriend, Eddie (Nick Swardson). While in Hawaii the emotions heat up and the comedy kicks in to overdrive. I really have very few knocks on the movie. The 1st being the acting of Brooklyn Decker, maybe she should stay a model. The 2nd is the fact that the plot is very overdone, however it was fun with Sandler’s unique humor. Bottomline, I love Adam Sandler flicks and I kind of wanna see it again, and Jennifer Aniston is HOT!

Theater of DVD: Hit the theater for this one, and then buy it when it releases on DVD.

Suggestions: “The Wedding Singer”-“50 First Dates”-“The Ugly Truth”

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