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“I’ve learned that you have to be prepared. And when you visualize something, you have to commit and put in the work.” -BeyoncĂ© Knowles-Carter


Since her joint performance at Superbowl 50 and the disputed Formation video, the dominating buzz surrounding BeyoncĂ©’s next project has kept fans on the lookout. Shortly after announcing another worldwide Tour, another business venture has emerged. Partnering with leading retailer Topshop, Beyoncé has focused on an active wear line for women.  Named Ivy Park, the detail of each piece highlights the beauty of women and centers the comfortability while being active. In a recent interview in Elle magazine she includes, “I was so specific about the things I need in a garment as a curvy woman, and just as a woman in general, so you feel safe and covered but also sexy.”

Ivy Park consists of crop tops, running shorts, leotards, and accessories just to name a few. The lines also includes a number of casual pieces like hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets averaging price only $60. Topshop and Nordstrom are the only retailers in the US items are available for purchase. Immediately after the anticipated release, the high demand for Ivy Park crashed Since then Top Shop has restocked items, making the line first weeks sales highly lucrative.