On the last Thursday of every month artists from emcee,poet, singer, aersol/paint artist, and B Boys and B Girls make their way down to FRESH a monthly local concert series located at Ciceros in St. Louis’s Delmar Loop. FRESH which stands for Freedom, Respect, Equality, Social Justice, Hip Hop is held in celebration of Hip Hop Culture. The four elements of which are Deejaying, Emceeing, Graffiti, and B-Boying. Allow me to paint part of the picture of a scene where some of the city’s best such as Indiana Rome, Jia Davis, Saint Oueax, Rockwell Knuckles, Legend Camp and more have come out to represent: As DJ Smitty mixes on the turntables, a graffiti artist creates on the scene, heads bob, and bodies move while those who have come out to the age 18+ event politic or parlay while performers prepare their offerings for the night. FRESH carries on the tradition of the Genesis of Hip Hop which basically was a party DJ Kool Herc threw for his sister all those years ago in the South Bronx where those same four elements came into play.


Tribute to Phife Dawg by Sleepy at March’s FRESH

This month’s artists are Silent Que, Jonnie Tie Dye, Buddy Love, Josh Brown, and Nefertiti Babs b.k.a. Ahnesty. Silent Que and Jonnie Tie Dye will be celebrating their Off the Turnbuckle collaboration which will be an explosive display of lyriscim and stage show based on their performance with Allen Gates’ (also of WestEnd) during his set at last month’s FRESH. Readers may remember Buddy Love as one of the five finalist that brought down the house at Jack Daniels Honey Jackn’ For Beats competition with his clever metaphors, inventive rhymes, and freestyle ability. Who knows audience members may be treated to Buddy or other bold emcees, droppin’ bars during one of the night’s ciphers. FRESH is full of surprises. It’s worth stating that one of the best parts about FRESH is the chance to see great new talent and I am certain that Josh Brown and Nefertiti Babs B.K.A. Ahnesty will fit the bill. I must admit I am not familiar with either yet but I am very anxious to see them perform just like I was excited to see Stae Truoo’s set in March.


Everyone is welcome at FRESH and its organizers John Harrington and So’n’So carefully choose the line-up and select artist who are just setting out to seasoned performers. Brothers and artists themselves with the Midwest Avengers they understand what it means to have a platform to perform and to showcase talent. From Trap to Conscious emcees perform or cipher and others try to “move the crowd” physically…visually…mentally of the melting pot that has gathered from the area universities, the CWE community, and all around St. Louis who came out to enjoy a night of true Hip Hop culture.




DeWarren Smith