No matter how horrific the situation may be, we can always count on America, White America to ensure white privilege prevails when a white person is involved. It’s like there is this not so hidden agenda to make sure the “righteous white image” stays upright, intact and the entitled narrative remains the same.

Regardless as to how many people you slaughter at a music festival (Stephen Paddock), a school (Nikolas Cruz, Adam Lanza), a church (Dylan Roof, Devin Patrick), a movie theater (James E. Holmes), or bomb them in their homes (Mark Conditt), you are somehow given a plethora of scapegoats. Matter of fact, you even make it to jail without being riddled of bullets and killed.

Despite the obvious signs of terrorism, this country will always find a way to refute the fact that any white person who commits heinous acts against large groups of people is indeed a terrorist.

Most people will also argue the fact that the label “terrorist” isn’t used to describe these criminals because the person didn’t commit the acts for political reasons, while purposely leaving out the rest of definition that also states to create terror, or fear, to achieve a financial, religious, or ideological aim.


We won’t even begin to comment on the blatant displays of racism the media plays on repeat to remind us that black and brown people are still public enemy #1. Even though, it’s clear white males are committing domestic terrorism in droves. Though many will deny it, white privilege affords you the opportunity of an investigation or family notification, before plastering your face across television and computer screens. All the while, black and brown people have their past dug up quicker than you can even sort out the issue at hand.

It affords you the low coverage of your trial so that the public will forget, and you can be under-sentenced, given your due process and live the rest of your life out while those like; Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and Eric Garner, who had no weapons are vilifieded and killed on the spot.

The underuse of terms like “thug”, “criminal,” “animal” in the media when a white person is at the helm of crime takes a backseat to the overuse of “mental illness,” “isolated,” “victim,” “ began to unravel,” and “missed warning signs” narrative we all know is coming when it’s time to sweep white crime and domestic terrorism under the bus.

The real “super predators” of this country are not black men. They are the card carrying members of white supremacy who march in the streets with Tiki torches and protest for slavery monuments to remain in public spaces as reminders they are at the top of the food chain.


The countless excuses white people are afforded can be summed up in two words: White Privilege.

We won’t begin to speak on how the 13th Amendment loophole is a joke to keep slavery going, and the war on drugs was simply a bullshit ploy to fill thousands of prisons with black and brown faces, even though it was the white agenda who flooded those communities with the same drugs minorities are being imprisoned and over-sentenced for.

Currently, white people are dying in masses from heroin overdoses, and instead of them being locked up and thrown in jail, this new “war on drugs” has been labeled an “epidemic.” People everywhere are forming help groups, health insurance companies are allowing families to charge rehab to the game, and the media has this call to “help” our young people.

Where was the help when the “crack epidemic” ripped thousands of black families apart? Where was this newfound accommodation of health benefits when black people were sick and dying from drugs? Where was all the compassion, empathy and hand holding at when handcuffs were being slapped on our wrists and prison doors were closed on us?


REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

The rally behind the “White America” image is flabbergasting and upsetting at the same time. It’s terrifying to witness that despite wherever you fall on the financial totem pole, whether rich or poor, if you’re white and kill, you’re embraced and empathized. Yet, if you’re black or brown, you’re thrown to the wolves and villainized.

But hey, that’s white privilege for you right. Another day. Another homegrown terrorist we call a mental patient.


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