A lot of those responsible for the negative comments expressed disappointment in what they view as Ms. Hilson “selling herself” – adopting a more sexually charged image for publicity. Pointing to videos like the aforementioned “Knock You Down,” they argue that Keri’s new oversexed image is a desperate ploy for attention. That said, even in the context of Keri Hilson’s career, the flagrant sexuality “The Way You Love Me” isn’t that much of a departure. Granted, she has never been as explicitly sexual as she is on “The Way You Love Me, ” but Hilson’s sexuality has always been a  topic of discussion in her music. (e.g. “Turning Me On” “Hands & Feet,” “Quicksand,” and “Do It To Me”). But even if that wasn’t the case, and the song was a radical shift in her subject matter and image, who are we to say that it is wrong?

Nothing about the actual video is particularly shocking. We’ve seen this type of video tons of times before, in various permutations, from artists as diverse as can be. Is it in bad taste? Maybe. Should it be broadcast to kids? Probably not. Is Keri Hilson a “whore” because of it? Absolutely not. One would think that in 2010, 8 years after Christina Aguilera‘s“Dirrty” video, 14 years after Lil Kim‘s Hard Core, 18 years after Madonna‘s Erotica and it’s accompanyingSEX book, a video like “The Way You Love Me” could be released without much of a reaction. Yet over and over again peoples’ puritanical impulses take over, and female musicians are branded sluts and whores whenever they flaunt their sexuality on their own terms. We seem to be fine when women are sexualized so long as it is on our terms and doesn’t offend our sensibilities.  courtesy of GlobalGrind


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