If there’s one thing that nearly every nation in nearly every corner in the world has in common, it’s a deep rooted history in getting wasted. Be you Mexican, Russian, Chinese or Polish, chances are that you love to drink, your parents love to drink, and your kids sure as hell better love to drink too. Alcoholism? Hardly! This is cultural heritage.

And just as every country has its preferred method of administering God’s medicine (Russians have vodka, Japanese have sake, Mexicans have mezcal, Irish have all of the above) every country also has its preferred method of fending off the debilitating morning sickness that a healthy night of drinking ensures. As you might expect, they range from common sense remedies like strong coffee or tea, to… tripe soup.

Yup, the favored hangover remedy of the country of Romania is tripe (cow stomach) soup. It’s like Gatorade, just with less electrolytes and more animal intestines. Germans choose pickled herring to chase the morning blues, Mexicans favor shrimp and shellfish, Russians take a trip to the sauna while chewing some leafy birch branches to get the blood flowing, and Japanese chew on pickled plums to cure their morning sickness. So, basically, never go drinking in Romania…

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