Hip Hop has lost another voice.

On Monday, former Bad Boy rapper Craig Mack passed away at the age of 46. The Long Island rapper known for his classic hit, Flava in Ya Ear, died of heart failure in at South Carolina hospital.

The 90’s rapper was one of the artists who helped put the infamous Bad Boy label on the map. Mack along with the late Notorious B.I.G., was the first rap superstar for the young label. He got his break freestyling over a Mary J. Blige track for Diddy.

Friend and producer, Alvin Toney stated the retired rhymer had told him he’d been ill for some time. Toney told the Daily News, he’d seen Mack for the last time last week while filming a documentary on Craig’s new life.

Not wanting any part of the industry anymore, the Long Island rapper was one of the few artists who was not a part of the Bad Boy 20-year reunion tour back in 2016. Like Ma$e, another Bad Boy artist, Mack turned his life over to God and became more involved with church.

Prior to leaving the music world, Mack earned a Best Rap Solo Grammy nomination for his 1994, Flava in Ya Ear, but later lost to Queen Latifah.

Mack is survived by a wife and two children, both adults.

RIP to the memory of bumping the dope sounds of flava in ya ear while making moves with Puff.




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