Work: to exert effort directed to accomplish something; labor; toil.  Lady Leshurr hails from the United Kingdom and she knows every meaning of the word.  She’s been grinding her whole life and has grown an organic fan base.  Her witty metaphors and catchy hooks show her intelligence, fun personality and real artistry.  Leshurr isn’t only a lyricist, she’s a writer and producer, which can be hard to find.  She’s been a poet since the age of six and grew up in a family of singers and rappers.  Leshurr said she was influenced by Lisa Maffia, Missy Elliot and Lil’ Wayne.  An artist that’s been releasing mixtapes and ep’s since 2009, and is only 26 sure has a fantastic career ahead.  Her Queen Speech 4 video went viral this year and is now featured on a Samsung commercial.  In the hook, she lets us all know to “brush your teeth” and not in the literal sense.  She says “how can you talk my name, when you ain’t even brush your teeth”.  No need for explanation, that says it all.

Exciting news for her fans, she just announced the “Queen of the Scene Tour” in England.  And from the looks of her Facebook page, it’s gonna be ”one mad ting”.  That’s Lady Leshurr Talk by the way.  If you wanna know all about the Lady Leshurr brand, YouTube is the first stop.  Check out her FB and Instagram too @ImLadyLeshurr

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