The beauty world is ever evolving, so it’s no surprise that new drops can often go over our heads. From hair products, to beauty trinkets something new is always being introduced to the public We know you can’t try them all so, we have put together a list of some our favorite products we’ve seen this year! 

The Artist Hand Pallet

 It’s safe to assume that almost every makeup junkie has experienced the mess that comes with perfecting a look! The Lina Zuniga Artist Hand Pallet is an absolute game changer for makeup artists and beauty gurus everywhere! This versatile pallet can serve as a storage space for glitters, rhinestones nail polish, makeup etc. and eliminate the messes the beauty world comes with. 

Cryo Sculpting Roller

The Stacked Skincare roller was created by an esthetician to help soothe sensitive skin, de-puff swollen under eyes and work towards visibly lifting facial contours! It can also be effective for those suffering from skin conditions including eczema or acne lesions. This easy to use tool takes advantage of the cool temperature to produce spa like results!

The Body Shop CBD Restoring Facial Oil 

We all know that CBD products are popping right now, but this is one we really love! The Body Shop CBD Restoring Facial Oil is perfect for those of us who struggle with dehydrated skin. This blend of CBD oil and hemp seed oil is the perfect lightweight, non-greasy formula to help bring dry, dull skin back to life! 

Babyliss 9000 Cordless Waving Wand 

Bad hair days just became a lot easier. Babyliss has just dropped a new life-saving hair tool that will have your locks looking amazing, a cordless curling wand! This tool is easily rechargeable and comes with a travel case lined with heat-protective lining which means it can be used on the go! The Babyliss cordless wand also produces long-lasting bouncy curls that will turn heads wherever you go! 

Pixi Detoxifeye Serum

This lightweight and caffeine-infused formula has been perfected to help de-puff, decongest, and instantly hydrate skin! The serum is quick-absorbing and keeps moisture locked in the skin, resulting in smoother and healthier-looking skin. 

The Gua – Sha Facial Lifting Tool 

If you’re a fan of social media, then you have definitely seen the hype this little tool is receiving! The Gua – Sha is a marble stone shaped to aid users in getting a successful facial massage. This Natural beauty enhancer can be used to lift and contour the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, relieve facial tension, and regain the firmness and elasticity of the skin!

Lucid Bliss High Porosity Hair Pudding

You often hear about products for low porosity hair, but this formula is for the opposite which is why we love it so much!  This residue-free coconut lime hair pudding is packed with nutrients to saturate high porosity hair and result in long-lasting moisturization that strands need. Not to mention this leave-in conditioner also works to stop breakage and achieve a great style all in one! 

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