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Dacia Polk aka InnerGy is an award-winning poet, actress, model, content creator, Activist, and more from St. Louis JVL neighborhood. Widely known for her support of various social causes and her multi-genre performance platform WORDUP!, Dacia has been uplifting the scene while also growing and honing other creative talents.

Two weeks ago Dacia announced via her IG (@innergyinme) an exciting opportunity that came her way. Dacia had been selected to participate in Sankofa 360: a ten-day, Co-ed, and multi-gen immersion experience in Ghana Africa with ANIDASO. The outpouring of support was massive and the goal needed to secure funding for the trip was received plus more within a matter of days.

We are so happy for a member of the creative community and could not wait to chop it up with her. Read all about what InnerGy has been up to and get info on what is sure to be a wonderful growing experience for all of us, as we see our friend become educated, enlightened, and empowered!

Donate Link: Dacia Polk Sankofa 360

DELUX: What is your Intention for traveling to Africa?

Dacia Polk: My intention for travelling to Africa centers around my desire to reconnect with my spiritual, cultural, and ancestral heritage. I have not taken my ancestry test, but I plan to take it in July. 

DELUX: I met you in Ferguson, back in 2014; after the murder of Mike Brown Jr. and at that time, you were a member of the New Black Panther Party. You’ve always been clear on your vision and what black liberation and empowerment looks like to you. How did the murder of Mike Brown and your role as an activist inspire your journey to Africa?

Dacia Polk: The death of Mike Brown sparked everything, for me. My experience during that time led me to live a full life with no regrets. 

DELUX: Why is traveling to Africa so important to you?

Dacia Polk: For me this trip to Africa is very personal. I will be the first in my family to travel internationally and as far as I know, I’m the only one in my family with a passport. 

DELUX: What country in Africa are you traveling to?

Dacia Polk: I’ll be traveling to Ghana, In September. I will be traveling with an organization called ANIDASO.

DELUX: How long is your trip?

Dacia Polk: The trip is 10 days. ANIDASO travels to Africa annually, and selects 25 people- black people, from all over the country for what they call an “Immersive Act Experience”; because we’ll be doing service work in the villages with mothers and children. Which brings me back to the “Boot on the Ground” community work, that got me here in the first place.

DELUX What do you hope to learn and experience while in Ghana?

Dacia Polk: While in Ghana I’m looking forward to experiencing the rich culture and diversity it has to offer. I’m very interested in the business industries and the lifestyles of the indigenous people. I want to demystify the ideas that surround going back to the Motherland. I hope to get a chance to learn for myself the perceptions and views of the African American as well as help dispel some of the myths around our ideas of Africa. Most importantly I seek to develop my own sacred connection with the experience. The land, the people, the air, the energy, everything.

DELUX: So what does the help look like? What can we do to help you complete this mission?

Dacia Polk: The write-up of my story alone is a major help, because it will give someone the opportunity to see what it is that I’m doing, which will hopefully inspire anyone who has ever thought about traveling outside of the US to do it. There are so many people here in St. Louis, that have never seen anything outside of St. Louis, and I just want them to believe that they can do this too. 

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