There is nothing black women cannot do! We can run companies, hold public offices, and land sneaker contracts with a renowned athletic company like Nike.

The Sneaker Lab selected Florida A&M graduate Dian Holton’s sneaker to be produce for a limited-edition Nike collection. The three-sneaker collection is available online only from until Thursday, March 15th.

Holton’s collection was inspired by her military family. Her father is a retired infantry Colonel who proudly served this country for 30- years. Due to his service, she went to high school in Germany. She has lived in Ft. Benning & Ft. Stewart, GA, Norfolk, VA, Florida, and Seoul. Her brother is currently serves the Air Force.


“This collection is an ode to my military members who, like so many sacrifice and serve to protect the United States domestically and abroad. Growing up with an infantry Colonel as a dad and several uncles and cousins who also served it’s probably no surprise that I embrace a chain of command and appreciate camouflage prints,” said Dian Holton.

The collection includes the following:

The Ground Force: Endurance with Integrity. The inspiration behind this reworked the Nike Air Force 1 is the ground combat soldiers. This sleek streamlined design will offer the wearer support, comfort, and sense of agility for any occasion.  

The Enforcer: Power with authority. My reinterpreted Nike Air Max excludes the image of highly trained combat soldiers – confident, fearless, and prepared to sacrifice their lives for duty, honor, and the country! The style highlights a custom colorway that makes it savvy enough to accent any wardrobe.

The Elite: Speed and precision. The modified version of the Nike Presto channels the best of the best within the military. With its unexpected colorways dominated by gold, this model is designed to impress members of our fighting force-a fitting style for the uber-confident wearer.


The proud rattler graduated in 1998 with BS in Graphic Design/Print Management. She currently resides in the Washington, DC metro area. Holton is grateful and thankful for all who serves this great country.

“The design is a 3-part hyper focused line to help athletes and fashion mavens achieve success what the mission.”

She truly understands the sacrifices that each of their families also makes daily. Therefore, she is donating a portion to Purple Heart Service Foundation. It provides direct service and emergency assistance to veterans.

Sneaker Lab is partnering with Nike to offer interested creators access to customizable versions of their top-selling shoes. Sneaker Lab is a small group of passionate designers, technologists, and sneaker freaks who are always looking for new ways to make shoes more personal and meaningful.

To peek at the collection, visit Dian Holton on Sneaker Lab’s website.




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