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Martone Cycling Company is both a fashion- and design-driven bike company. Their bikes are a bold statement of personal style: city bikes, with automatic transmission, a SRAM 2 gear hub, and included fenders, lights, reflectors, touch up paint, and bells, they’re created with passion — and with a signature red chain. Prepare for an entirely unique riding experience that suits any style.

Get rid of your bulky eyesore and commute in style with the Men’s Gramercy – Red Chain. Fashion-savvy and finished in bright cherry red, this retro-inspired bike possesses puncture resistant tires meant for city streets and a mean duomatic gear system to make your ride that much easier.

It’s like this light and strong bike was made just for you––the SRAM 2-gear automatic hub requires no gears shifting and automatically adapts with you throughout your journey. Since zero maintenance is required, you won’t have to sacrifice utility for chicness.


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