Born and raised in Atlanta, Fonzworth Bentley is bridging the worlds of fashion and hip hop.  But it’s more to this Cool.Outrageous.Lover.Of.Uniquely.Raw.Style than what meets the eye.  Recently at the Missouri Black Expo’s Stop the Violence Youth Summit in St. Louis, Derrick Watkins showcased his book, Advance Your Swagger as he showed a side of himself one would not see on his MTV reality shows.  He came off more as a motivational speaker as he encouraged the youth to find their revelation in life.  “Youth need less downtime.  Life is about building relationships.  Get your vertical relationship together and your horizontal relationships will eventually get in place,” he stated.  “You being on this planet means you’re a winner and there’s a purpose for you, period.  Expand your dream and have high expectations for yourself.”  


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