The State of Missouri’s second annual Hazel Erby Day takes place Thursday, September 22nd,
2022 to honor the late councilwoman and activist Hazel Erby on her birthday at Mayor James
W. McGee Municipal Park from 4-8 pm.

[St. Louis, MO] The Hazel Erby Foundation and the Erby Family is excited to host the second
annual Hazel Erby Day. As of July 1st 2022, Governor Parsons and the Missouri Senate signed
a bill to recognize September 22nd as Hazel Erby Day and make it an official holiday in the state
of Missouri. The event features a Live DJ, a Live performance from Grammy Nominated
producer/songwriter Daniel Fitzpatrick and his son Daniel Fitzpatrick ll of We Are Root Mod, a
selection from the Gentleman of Vision step team, free food & and face painting provided for the
youth, food from the Vails Brothers Food Truck, raffles and more.

Councilwoman Erby accomplished many achievements throughout her life. Serving 15 years on
the St. Louis County council and becoming the first African American Woman to be elected to
council in 2004. Erby was also the first African American Woman to chair the council multiple
times and in that time used her political power to address issues among the community from
racial inequalities to at-risk youth.

Join the Erby Family and The Hazel Erby Foundation to honor the late Councilwoman’s Birthday
at Mayor James W. McGee Municipal Park from 4-8pm Thursday September 22nd.

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