Well its the morning after Eric Roberson put on an amazing show and I’m STILL on a musical high! Not only can the man sing but his talent for writing is in the top of its’ class! He performed many of his greatest hits and even gave us two songs from his latest cd, Music Fan First (which by the way has a few local people’s picture in the cd lining!).

At one point, Erro says, “Let’s make up a song!” He elicits ideas from the crowd which ranged from the name of a couple near the stage to german chocolate cake to Madoff! And in a 4 minute track, Erro managed to intertwine those topics and at least three more into a song that I wish I was able to catch on video. It was a story of love that was comical at the same time.

He showed his true, God-given talent last night and even took us to church! With his background singer and acoustic guitar player, the crowd jumped and danced and sang like it was Sunday morning! Nothing wrong with weaving a lil’ Jesus into our love song session with Erro (he IS a deacon’s son).

If you’re not hip to the outstanding, neo-soul sound of Eric Roberson, please remove yourself from under that rock, head to iTunes, and purchase at least one of his 100+ tracks!

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