Enforcer Fridays 1113

Hope everyone has had a great week. I am happy to announce this post will mark my first full month of Enforcer Friday’s.  As you know, playlist can get rather long so for continuity purposes I will be removing songs to make way for new releases, so make sure you hit the like button on the playlist below, thanks.

2Chainz – So Help Me God

Yes, apparently 2 Chainz wore two chains many moons ago,  was this photoshopped? Anyhow, 2 Chainz is releasing his latest project “So Help Me God!”, featuring the lead single “Quarantine Thick”, featuring Mulatto, you can watch the video right here:

In the last couple of days, Chainz challenged his fans to guess who will be on latest his project.  My guesses are Mulatto who is featured on the lead track, Lil Wayne who has played a role in his career, and Skooly who is signed to Chainz record label T.R.U. just to name a few. Nevertheless this album will be filled with beat knocking tracks and dope features that should keep you cool while cooking that Thanksgiving turkey in a few weeks.

Danileigh – Monique

Danileigh is an artist I have been watching for the last few years. She was slated to come to St. Louis last year but unfortunately it got put on hold. It could have quite possibly been due to her rising success and her remix of her song “Easy” that featured Chris Brown. Her latest project “Movie” has heavy anticipation to make waves. Her lead single “Monique” is already causing a stir and has the streets buzzing.

Be.Be – Hotseat

This next artist is from the hometown, and she goes by Be.Be. I first heard Be.Be over a year ago when she released the visuals for her song, “I Wantcha”. Be.Be is a burgeoning talent who sings and plays the piano. Be.Be is one of St. Louis rising talents and an artist to watch out for. Be.Be’s style is very reminiscent of that 90’s R&B sound that I so loved back in the day. Her latest visuals “Hotseat” takes us through what happens when you lose trust in your mate.  Watch here:

Greze Gutta – Melanin Moonlight

Greze Gutta, is the name of this artist, however his latest song takes on the softer side of life. Greze has been on the St. Louis hip hop scene for a moment. He has gone from rapping,  hosting events, and to being the number 1 dad in his two son’s life. You can say the latter of these things has led for a transformation in his sound and style and “Melanin Moonlight” proves to be a vibey showing dedicated to the black and beautiful sisters.

Well this is it for this week, be sure to check out #EnforcerFridays full playlist as I stay updating it with the latest songs. Thanks and I hope you all have a good week and stay safe in these streets! Oh and one last thing, if you want to hear the newest songs from the St. Louis Hip Hop and R&B scene then check out my playlist St. Louis Rising!

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