It’s hard to believe it has been a year since Covid was declared a global pandemic. I remember as a child in school I heard about the 1918 Flu epidemic that wiped out some 500 million people. The way modern health and technology has been, I think my generation was a slight disillusioned that we would experience something like this in our lifetime. Yet, Covid came and disrupted our busy lives.

A year later, vaccines have given some promise that we may resume our normal activities. As states in America have started the task of returning to normal, and some music venues have begun to see people inching back into the public. Music is a healing force, but I urged you all to take precautions, and keep an eye out for your family and friends.

Chika- Once Upon A Time

 Photography By Leeor Wild

A few years ago I saw a video of Cardi B talking about artist who were not receiving recognition. Cardi was in particular talking about the lack of diversity in Hip Hop and gave insight into a few women rappers who were being left out the discussion. Chika was one of those artist she mentioned and I was blown away by this talented young lady.

Chika is a super dope rapper, and has the ability to harmonize on tracks too. For the last two years Chika stock has risen with one of my favorite tracks “High Rises” landing in the end credits of Jamie Foxx’s Netflix movie “Project Power” which she also had a small cameo in. Her latest ep “Once Upon A Time” should be more of the same Hip Hop and R&B influenced style she brings to table. Listen below

Blxst- Just for Clarity

It was just a short while ago I was talking about Blxst last project “No Love Lost”. The burgeoning artist has re-upped with a surprise ep “Just For Clarity” that features Drakeo the Ruler, and Russ.

Giveon- All To Me

Long Beach native Giveon released a new single “All To Me” in celebration of his last two offerings merges “Take Time, and “When It’s All Said and Done” for a sort of deluxe edition. For those not familiar with Giveon, his notoriety came when he laid his voice on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle“. This up and coming crooner is certainly making a name for himself and hopefully we will hear more from him in 2021. Listen to Giveon

Notable Releases and Singles

  • Benny The Butcher releases “Thanksgiving” his first single from his upcoming project “The Plugs I Met 2”.
  • Brent Faiyaz releases “Show U Off

Elvin Chambers