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The Black Pages & The Transformational Agenda will host St. Louis’ 1st African American EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE: March 1-3 at Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory High School, 701 Spring Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108.   The conference is FREE and you are urged to BE THERE BECAUSE YOU CARE.


Only we can heal our community, and healing is exactly what we need.

Friday, March 1st
6 pm to 9 pm
  The Gathering for Strategic Determination

Saturday, March 2nd
10am to 6 pm
  The Empowerment Conference’s Many Seminars
  Examine “Time Tithing” (Voluntary Service) Opportunities
  Enjoy Empowering Gospel Music

Sunday, March 3nd
3 pm to 5 pm
  The LOVE BLACK Arts Celebration


Today’s behaviors (culture) still reflects the survival rules our ancestors crafted to survive slavery and the brutal decades that followed.  The Ancestors gifted us with today, a time where we can in fact choose a new path (culture) and craft a new future.  It is time for us to call a time out, ReThink Everything, and act.


Saturday, March 2nd 10am until 6 pm

The Seminars:  The Empowerment Conference offers three events which will happen simultaneously from 10 am until 6 pm.  Many one hour seminars will be presented on empowering and informative topics of interest to the African American community.  For example:  Protecting Your Child In Today’s Environment; Nurturing Body, Mind, & Soul; Forming Parenting & Relationship Agreements; Aiding a Loved One Returning from Prison; Choosing the Best School for Your Child; The Underside of Money; and Today’s Sexual Insanity.

The Voluntary Service Fair:   Talk directly to representatives of community agencies and organizations to learn of voluntary service opportunities and the services they offer.  Learn how you can engage in the healing of our community, by delivering meaningful long-term relationships, one-to another, via on-going voluntary service (Time Tithing).

Gospel Entertainment:  Sit back and be inspired.  Enjoy some of St. Louis’ finest gospel music presentations.


Friday, March 1st:   6 pm to 9 pm

The Gathering for Strategic Determination:  Learn what is constraining us as a people and examine a holistic blue-print for exactly how we African Americans can heal our community.  See the DVD that people are raving about—Listen to the Ancestors, and experience their healing and empowering message.  Be informed and inspired by spoken word performances of One Day and Defiance


Sunday, March 3rd:   3 pm until 5 pm

The LOVE BLACK Celebration:  Enjoy performances of vocal and instrumental music, African dance, poetry, spoken word, praise dance, and dramatic performances.  It is all designed to celebrate you, inspire you, heal you, and transform you.  There will also be a short tribute to African American Business Owners.  This is a celebration not to be missed!


Will you participate in The Transformational Agenda becoming the catalyst for the healing and empowering transformation of the African American community?


The Ancestors have revealed exactly what has constrained us and exactly how we can heal our community.  The African American community can now be transformed.


The only question is, will it?


Be there because you care!

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