Ecentrik is the latest fashion concept from artist Elom Bowman. Having developed a love for art and fashion at a young age, He grew the desire to express his own take on custom footwear and later vinyl toys. Here at Ecentrik you will find original art concepts developed by Elom Bowman, who has and continuously gathers inspiration from various artistic mediums as well as life itself.


Elom Bowman was born in Oxford, England but was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
His love for art started early in his childhood, having found his early inspiration from fantasy mediums such as comic books, cartoons, and movies. This inspiration led to Elom becoming a self-taught artist, who later also became interested in fashion and gained the desire to create unique product concepts.

Ecentrik Artistry

www.ecentrikart.net (website)
www.bizarrevisions.com (blog)
www.facebook.com/ecentrik (facebook page)
www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com (online store)
www.twitter.com/ecentrikshoeart (twitter page)
email: info@ecentrikart.net

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