Our motivation from the beginning was to start a brand where we as tattoo artists could create a true presence in the street wear community that fully represented tattoo imagery and the lifestyle that surrounds it. Since the brands conception two years ago, we’ve broken into a handful of reputable boutiques and street wear shops, including Canvas Los Angeles and Karmaloop.com. We’ve relentlessly traveled to tattoo conventions in London, Rome, Milan, Long
Beach, New York, Austin, and countless other cities. In addition to our National and international endeavors, we’ve created an extremely strong presence within our home town of St. Louis. We’ve thrown numerous art shows, parties, events and have become the staple t-shirt brand in the city. The company is comprised of 4 partners which include Josh Rowan, Sean Baltzell, Adam Taylor, and most notably Brad Fink. With 20 plus years of experience in the tattoo industry, Brad’s work definitely speaks for itself. Brad is the owner of Iron Age studios in St.Louis, MO. He also co-owns Fun City Tattoo and Daredevil Tattoo in New York
with Michelle Miles. check them out at meagainsttheworld.com

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