Drake Rocks the Fox

Seven L. Maxwell

Hip hop’s redeemer turned up the heat in St. Louis before a nearly sold-out concert at the Fox Theater. 

After an energetic opening act by Young Money affiliate, Tyga, the stage lit up—as did the crowd as Drake casually cruised to the stage.  Opening with “Forever”, easing into “Show me a Good Time”, and following that with an adorable introduction of himself to an exciting crowd; Drake went right into “The Resistance” and “Karaoke”—both auto-tune heavy on the album—which required the assistance of a female singer who played in the background with the band.

Drake transitioned seamlessly through the concert, coasting between cuts as he rocked the house.  Speaking of rocking the house—song after song, the upper level swayed over a crowd which seemed to have gotten distracted at the same time after taking notice—but since it didn’t seem to be buckling, and the upper-level was rocking, surely, the lower-level wasn’t going to be outdone and kept on partying as Drake flowed to Jeezy’s hook on Plies’ track, “Loose My Mind”.

A highlight of the show included his touching tribute to his mentor, Lil’ Wayne, as he mimicked him when sharing the details of a phone call between the two which lead to the introduction of Lil’ Wayne’s verse to “I’m Goin’ In” which St. Louis sang as a means of showing love to the incarcerated rapper.

The concert continued and track-after-track, the very diverse crowd partied along with his performance. After Drake had the crowd wanting to [sleep with] every girl in the world, Tyga surprised the crowd by bursting back on the scene to spit his verse to the Young Money’s, “Bedrock”.

He brought a young lady onto the stage and asked the crowd to press stop on their cameras so he could ask the young fan her age in a light-hearted fashion, but his make-believe make-out session left something to be desired—which we forgot all about as he continued belting hit after hit for the rest of the night, showing St. Louis why he’s hip hop’s Rookie of the Year.

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