Most of us are heard about the Gorilla Glue Girl debacle that took place this February. But, for those who may have missed the top social media trending topic in February, here is a quick refresher… A woman who wanted to achieve a sleek, frizz free ponytail mistakenly used Gorilla Glue, a well know household adhesive for wood, plastic, etc. instead of Gorilla Snot Gel, a well known hair product that works well for keeping styles in place for days. The sleek look was achieved, however so was permanent hair loss. This entire story played out on social media causing many to wonder how someone could make such a costly mistake.

With summer just around the corner, the desire to create lasting styles will be at an all time high. Combatting warm weather and humidity throughout the day can be a challenge especially for thick, curly or coarse hair, so, we’ve gathered a list of several safe strong hold products that will help you maintain a variety of styles from twist outs, ponytails, baby hair and more without taking the risk of ending up like Gorilla Glue Girl.

Got 2 b Spiking Freeze Spray 

Your style will last until your next shampoo with this super popular and versatile strong hold spray. The product is water resistant and can be used on damp hair. This spray can be used to lay edges, secure wigs or create crazy hairstyles that will last for days!

Bold Hold Lace Gelly

The Bold Hold Lace Gelly is the perfect product to use when you want to keep your wigs in place for the day or lay down your edges! This gel is water based, non -toxic and is available in 3 and 6 oz. variations, perfect to take on the go! 

Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling

Edge Booster is made with natural argan oil, which absorbs quickly and leaves behind no oily residue. The product nourishes and hydrates the strands while providing a strong and pliable hold. Whether you want to texturize with a natural finish, keeps styles in place without build up, define curls, manage frizz, or lay your edges, Edge Booster will be one of your favorite styling solution. 

The Doux Big Poppa

BIG POPPA is a one-product solution for definition and longer-lasting hold. Unlike many gels, it is best when used alone. Apply to freshly washed, clean, wet, product-free hair in small sections from roots to ends. Air dry or diffuse, avoiding manipulation until 100% dry. Once dry, fluff & style as usual.  Your curls will have s strong hold and pop for days!

Pattern Strong Hold Gel

The flexible Strong Hold Gel provides long-lasting hold without breaking hair or edges. The gel is infused with Sea Moss, Aloe Vera & Chia Seeds which come together to nourish & fortify curls.  The gel’s built-in slippage easily distributes through the hair, which is most ideal for slick looks and styles that need extra support.

Garnier Fructis Extreme Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray

Extreme Control provides the extra firm hold you need to keep any style in place throughout the day. The product was created to ensure a 24-hour hold and anti-humidity protection. The strong, yet flexible formula is infused with bamboo extract and added frizz control ensures bounce-back hold that lasts all day. On top of that the product smells amazing!  

Pantene Pro-V Maximum Hold Mousse

This maximum hold formula adds structure to any style with all-day humidity resistance, a non-sticky mousse that creates a flexible finish for volume, movement and bounce. Add this to ponytails or set styles to keep them in place for days!

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