It is a rare occasion I use the word hate. It just seems so permanent—so harsh and has a chilling effect whenever I need to use it. But in this case, I can’t help but use it.

I hate this administration.

I hate Jeff Sessions racist ass.

I hate this President.

I hate what he stands for and the reoccurring bullshit stunts he pulls every day to cause chaos. Matter of fact let me add a few more people in there with him.

I hate this backward ass country.

I hate the methodology and ancient ass ideals it continues to thrive under so those who are in power can continue to oppress others who made this country what it is.

I also strongly loathe the entire body of Congress. Especially the ones who act like they’re really helping “our communities,” when in reality, the majority are lining their pockets with taxpayer’s money just like the ones they publicly drag on social media.

They are all in those positions for themselves, Democrats and Republicans. Sure, maybe in the beginning a few of them took the job to make the world a better place, but I sincerely believe after a few terms—it becomes more about them and less about us.

Yesterday was a prime example of that.

All of them, Congress and his dumbass administration continuously allow Trump to create these chaotic situations only for them to look like they did something good when the drama subsides. Trump, the ringleader of the circus gone wrong cannot help but leave traces of mayhem behind with anything he touches. He wants to be a hero. He is desperately searching for validation and America is suffering because of it.

Trump is a narcissistic child.

Congress are the sociopaths that fuel his behavior.

His latest circus act was ordering illegal immigrants to be deported and sent back to wherever they came from. During this overhaul, families were being ripped apart, held in cages, sleeping on floors, and treated like animals. Of course, he knew about it. Truthfully, he was on board with the whole process until public outrage spread across the country. I’m pretty sure during this time, a couple of Congress members received some nasty phone calls from their constituents regarding this country’s 2018 version of slavery and human rights violations.

Amid all the drama, as usual Donald Trump swoops in and attempts to save the day. This was not at the benefit of those being torn away from their families—this was for him and those stupid ass people who keep supporting him and for Twitter.

For the people in the back, let me say this: Donald Trump is not the Great White Hope.

This executive order is the publicity stunt of the month.

He did not do anything good, nor did he pull this stunt to make America see he’s not the monster he really is. He’s just a drama queen who is so used to putting on a show, he can’t stop his one-man circus act. Trump is the Kim Kardashian of the White House and his administration are the rest of the family. It’s just a constant cycle of publicity stunts when the focus has shifted off them.

He is the orchestrator of all this madness and Jeff Sessions is his evil sidekick ready to do his bidding. The executive order he signed yesterday to stop the family separation at the border was another narcissistic pat on the back after he gave the order to rip the families apart in the beginning.

Thanks to his newly enacted zero tolerance policy, border harassment was revved up and the arrests rapidly increased. On April 11, 2017, Jeff Sessions, the KKK secretary was more than happy to send a memo out to his staff to make sure everyone knew what the new policy was and to ramp up criminal prosecutions of the immigrants.

Chances are holding these children hostage was nothing more than misdirection for the Grinch who stole the White House to gain legislative leverage and pass something through Congress. Which makes them just as complicit in all of this as him. I am no longer buying the fact they have nothing to impeach him on when they were ready to get rid of Bill Clinton for lying about getting head in the Oval Office.

This man has just incited a human right catastrophe, yet there is no proof he’s done anything impeachable?

But like I said before, all of them have an agenda.

However, in this episode of Trump’s White House Apprentice, he has once again taken credit for fixing a problem he created. He’s pulled out that deadly pen to sign an order to counteract the previous policy he fought profusely to have passed. Once again, he’s managed to make himself look like the devil and a hero by proxy in the same day.

But despite his failed attempt at not looking like the co-star we loathe—the zero-tolerance policy is still in effect. Mirroring the 13th amendment wiggle room, the executive order has loopholes that still gives border patrol and Sessions room to do what they were already doing—just a little more “legally.”

People will still be detained and mistreated at the borders—now, they’ll be receiving it as a family.

Therefore, Trump hasn’t fixed anything.

And as the sun rises each day, we are forced to continue being unwilling participants of this reality-TV show gone wrong—and my growing use of the word hate increases.


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