Squeezing time between his two television shows, rap entrepreneur and former Howard University student Sean “Diddy” Combs has added his voice – via Twitter – to the student protests currently taking place at his alma mater.

Some 350 students and union workers filled the plaza outside the Howard University’s Mordecai Johnson administration building Friday morning to rage against a litany of problems, including on-campus housing, delays in financial aid payments and labor practices.

Although classes at Howard started on Aug. 24, thousands of students have yet to be validated in the system, which means they can not register for classes. There are also a reported 500 to 1,000 students who were promised campus housing but did not receive it.

Combs, who balanced an internship at Uptown Records in New York while attending Howard in the late 1980s, sent tweets of encouragement to his fellow Bison for nearly two hours on Friday.

One read: “NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE!!! Let me know if yall need me to come down there yall! I got yall BACK! Let’s go!!!”

A follow-up Tweet stated: “Do what we did and take IT OVER!!!! Let’s go! And do it in a peaceful way but DO IT!! … If your at HU go to the A building now and make sure they feel you!!! And send me updates!!! Let’s go!”

Meanwhile, service workers joined students on the picket lines to protest the school’s employment practices.

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