Damn Detroit Police Department! You burned, shot and killed Aiyana Jones, a little seven year old girl.

You threw a stunt grenade through the front window and lit the little girl’s blanket on fire! And then you shot off a bullet that landed in her neck!  We know you were looking for the suspect in the murder of a 17 year old, but according to the family and other witnesses, that person was in the upstairs apartment.

And while this defenseless angel was lying in her blood, taking her very last breathes, you handcuffed her father and put his face in his daughter’s last remains! First you said that the grandmother attacked the officer who pulled the trigger that pierced the neck of Aiyana, and now you have revised your story to say that the grandmother “may have simply collided” with the officer.  No matter what happened, you should never have used those tactics, because there were children in the house.  And of course you knew that – since there were toys all over the front lawn! Now that a family has been shattered and a life has been lost, an entire community is left to question, “How could this happen?”

How, in this age of unfettered technology, did you get this so wrong?!! It’s my sincere hope that the cameras for A&E’s “The First 48” television series that trailed you and filmed the whole incident didn’t spur your heroics! I know reality shows, very well indeed. Please tell me that this wasn’t a performance for the cameras!

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