It’s always a treat when Academy-Award winner, Denzel Washington blesses us with a new movie. With no shortage of great performances, the actor is back as morally, questionable attorney Roman J. Israel Esq. The new role is no surprise as the actor’s acting range contains an array of different characters. Whether he’s playing a corrupt cop [Training Day], a retired assassin [The Equalizer], or father fighting for his son’s life [John Q], he keeps us at the edge of our seats.

In his latest film, Washington embodies another attorney role. Though different from his role in Philadelphia, Roman’s character is a highly skilled lawyer, a savant for memorizing cases, but he has almost no social skills and a debilitating need to say whatever’s on his mind, no matter the situation.

Roman J. Israel is brilliant, but socially awkward activist fighting for the underdog. His retro-fashion sense and hair choices coincide with his once lived activist life and low tolerance for the declining morals of criminal justice system. Washington’s trademark acting skills shines through as his character who’s recently laid off takes a different path from career choice.

In the trailer, Roman’s frustration for helping those who don’t appreciate his help is apparent to why he chose a different way of life. The movie’s message appears to be how someone can easily be discouraged morally and thrown off due to life’s circumstances. The film is scheduled to hit theaters November 21st. Check out the trailer below.


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