“People don’t have realistic body goals for themselves. I have found that no one wants to look like a better version of themselves.”


It’s not easy being a woman these days. We’re expected to be smart, pretty, wives, mothers, career women, and look good while doing it. Women are often faced with the challenges and pressures of getting their bodies back in shape right after giving birth. Sometimes, depending on your day-to-day life, this isn’t always easy to do. With the late-night feedings, diaper changes, going back to work, and tending to other children; exhaustion sets in. Let’s not forget the many women who battle with post-partum depression, hormonal imbalances, and stress. It’s a very real situation that leads to a multitude of other health problems if not carefully treated and managed.

Life happens, and pregnancy overall can take a toll on a woman’s body. Not to mention, unnecessary pressure of snapping back doesn’t always help. DELUX took six minutes to chat with Averi Woodley, owner of Bad Bish Fitness about why she started her company, and some advice for women on getting back in shape, and being comfortable with who you are inside and out.


DELUX: When did you fall in love with fitness?

AW: I fell in love with fitness after having my second child in 2011. I was newly married and my husband and I both had one child each. His career started taking off and we had just opened a business. Within a year and a half of all this happening, I felt like I had lost myself. I started to get depressed and I really started to question myself. I honestly felt like I was getting lost to my children, my husband, and my business. I felt like I had lost control and my body, and my health was the only thing I felt like I could control, so that became my focus. I had decided to start taking care of myself from the inside out. I started getting stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally.

DELUX: Did you ever struggle with weight?

AW: Like most people, in high school I ate a lot of junk and bad stuff, but I had a fast metabolism. I was 115lbs when I graduated. Then I went to college and continued to eat like crap. After my first son, I had jumped up to 210lbs. I was under the impression once I had the baby I would lose all the weight I’d gained. When I was discharged, my papers stated I was 204lbs. The conception for me was I would lose all this weight as soon as I had the baby, so I was really like what is this? (laughs). I never really ate great, but I was always skinny. Once I started gaining weight it was like, “Oh she’s thick, and oh she has curves.” What I didn’t realize was it was unhealthy weight and curves. Adding pregnancy weight on top of all of that was just a mess. At that point, I knew I had to get it together fast.



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DELUX: Tell our readers about Bad Bish Fitness. What made you start this business?

AW: When I first started working out, I really became involved with learning about fitness. I was concerned with making a lifestyle change and not just working out. I went to a gym my husband was training at and when I walked in I felt like I didn’t belong. I felt like I had to look a certain way or be a certain shape to be in there. I had several people look at me like why was I here, and I was like hmmm. There was a trainer there who took me under her wing. She trained and taught me everything she knew. From there I decided to start my company because I knew what it felt like to feel like you didn’t belong somewhere. I wanted to create something for all the women who walked into gyms and possibly felt like I did.


DELUX: What have you found to be most difficult about fitness?

AW: People having realistic goals for themselves. Not the social media pictures or the images you see in the magazines, but realistic goals. So many people see these unrealistic body goals out there and like most things, they become ingrained in their heads. I have found that no one wants to look like a better version of themselves. I am not God or a magician, so I will not lie to anyone. I cannot make you look like someone and your body type is nowhere near what theirs is. You can enhance your curves and tone your body, but you can’t create something that is not already there. I’m not coming from a mean place, I’m just being real.

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