Diamond Rose Entertainment, the face and biological figure behind it all, stands the multi-talented and inspiring being
of, Candice Rose. Known for developing her dreams into reality, Candice Rose, secures the reputation of the epitome of
entertainment. Candice Rose wears many hats, dancing, singing, acting, performing as an MC, just to name a few of her talents,
which all encompasses this individuals life, dedicating herself to achieve the ultimate goal of a well rounded entertainer.
Reaching back from the growing seed of Candice Rose, it all began in Mt. Druitt, Western Sydney, Australia where she
has been expressing herself through the arts of music, acting, dancing with the sole focus to entertain people. A family tree of
musicians and entertainers, Candice Rose, was bound to follow suit and make footprints in the sand that would forever stay
“I have a Passion for Hip Hop and Soul. I grew up listening to my mum and dad’s Rock ’n’ Roll & country records. I
loved listening to my dad’s blues CD’s and performances of BB King and many other legendary artists…My favorite song of all
time is ” I Just called to Say I love you” by Stevie Wonder. My family said that when I was a baby I used to be so happy when that
song came on and I used to always sing it. My Aunty Rose was the one who taught me how to dance & we used to always jive at
family functions. That is who I take my name after.” –Candice Rose
Candice Rose, driven by determination, has been educated by multiple avenues, such as the Australian Institute of
Music, for voice and drama, then finding herself venturing to Los Angeles, CA studying at TVI Actors Studio. Candice has
studied various styles of music and can sing in a variety of different styles with strength and precision. She has studied everything
from classical to Hip Hop, Jazz to Country and many more. Candice has also trained in a number of different dance genres
including, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Music Theatre, Ballet, Funk, Break, Popping & Locking all
resulting to her favorite style of choice, Hip Hop! Her dance career has brought her in the presence with some of the greats: Mr.
Wiggles – Rock Steady Crew & Electric Boogaloos, Khalid Freeman – Choreographer ‘Stomp The Yard’, Cass Smith – Winner of
Americas Best Dance Crew – High Definition, Poppin Pete – Electric Boogaloos, Shotyme – Choreographer for Jay Z, TLC,
Kennis Marquis – Choreographer for P Diddy, J Lo, MC Hammer, Movie “Honey”, Missy Elliot
Returning back to Sydney, Australia, Candice Rose has created a performance resume that would classify her as a
platinum entertainer! Performing and holding it down as an MC, in just about every city throughout Australia, for the likes of:
Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Lil Jon, Wu-Tang, Wanya Morris (Boys 2 Men), Ja Rule, Flo Rida, Chauncy Black (Blackstreet), and
not to mention the countless club venues and festivals.
Candice Rose is creatively open minded and welcomes trying new sounds and adventuring out of the norm. She is
currently working on her debut of depicting her talent as a singer. With her hot single “Party Up”, already making its way
through the airways of Australia, via The Edge 96.1FM, she has gained a promotional backing from a U.S. company, Big Tyme
Promotions Ent., based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. With an amazing array of talent and a solid team behind her, Candice
Rose, will be a household name sooner than you think!
“Anyone that has ever achieved anything great never went with the grain but against it. Be a leader not a follower! An
innovator not a duplicator. A pragmatic visionary not a careless dreamer. We all have it in us to achieve our hearts desires. If our
dream was never in us how could we not achieve it? I will keep striving and working smart and tenaciously towards my goals. I
believe in us as creators of our destiny either through our actions or our non actions and I know that we all can live from true choice
and consciousness and break free from the limitations we put on ourselves.” – Candice Rose
Candice Rose Big Tyme Promotions Ent.
M: 011 614 04 785 777 Diggs: +1 925 519 7044 / b.t.promotions@gmail.com
E: candicerose@y7mail.com Bianca: +1 925 755 6014 / b.t.promotions@gmail.com








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