With retrogrades coming every season, it’s essential to be prepared. During this time, life gives the illusion of life moving backward when we are still in fact moving forward. 

Depending on which planet this happens in, themes of our life are restored, revised, repaired, and realized. Books here, become the best company for such introspection and transformations with their tools and wisdom.

The Savagery of Astrology | The Dark Side of the Suns: An Astrological Satire 

Nhayah Godeh’s book holds the most relevant place for a turbulent time, as it shares the darker sides of each sign, while also providing relief through satirical humor. This book not only puts you under a magnifying glass but others too.

Body Astrology: A Cosmic Guide to Health, Healing, and Harnessing the Power of the Planets

On the other hand, healing during such periods must be done with caution and expertise. Claire Gallagher’s cosmic guide to health and body astrology provides this service that can be further explored. The book brings forward encouragement.

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde: And Venus & Mars, Too

This epic book details how you should focus to have the best possible outcome and harness your potential.

Astrology/Karma & Transformation by Stephen Arroyo

For planets retrograding other than mercury, it’s important to understand their themes for smooth sailing in understanding your lessons. This book will uncover your karma, which will be redeemed for new opportunities now,.

Mercury in Retrograde: And Other Ways the Stars Can Teach You to Live Your Truth, Find Your Power, and Hear the Call of the Universe

In case forgotten, this book title is bound to remind you of everything. It brings the company of explaining why something is compatible and another is not. It holds space for you practically.

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