I am not to sure on how true that signage posted at Lure is.  But maybe downtown doesnt like black people. Maybe George Bush doesnt care about Black people.  Maybe Black people should care more about black people.  Just a thought.  I am not saying that racism does not exist in this city we call home– because it does.  Violence happens all through out this city from West County to The Ville.  But why is the news that’s presented to our community always slanted.

There are several questions that need to be answered and discussed and resolved before we can move forward.  I just would like to have a call of action.  Being a business owner of successful business based out of the downtown location, I would like to call a meeting of the round table.  I would like to meet with the mayor, his collegues, and the other establishment downtown to find out where the problem lays.

Is it that the city wants its city back and Blacks are part of the plan.  Or is it many of us just don’t know the plan.  We all understand revenue and no once wants violence becasue it effects all of our revenue but how about trying to stop the violence before tearing away successful business that got caught in the crossfire of a few idiots… just food for thought… please comment with name and email.  This blog will be used as a peition to get the truth out of downtown & to save our city.

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