St. Louis, MO, December 13, 2021 – Sunday at 5:31 pm EST, black lifestyle publication DELUX Magazine suffered a hack to their Instagram account @deluxmagazine. With 38.8k followers and 8096 published posts, the impact of loss is significant.

The attack took place midday. An executive member received a ransom notice stating, “I have your Instagram account. If you want to get it back, contact us.” The hacker provided a Whatsapp phone number for contact. DELUX is working with Meta Platforms Inc. security to resolve the breach.

“This is an unfortunate moment for us, and a learning experience. For many years, we have cultivated and curated unique experiences and fantastic engagements with our readership as we sought to uplift and amplify our voice, our culture, and our excellence. We will be more vigilant in the future. We encourage our partners and our community to understand the importance of cybersecurity,” says DELUX Group Publisher Keith Griffin II.

DELUX Magazine will relaunch Instagram using @deluxmag. DELUX invites the community to re-engage with a trusted national leader to promote black excellence and culture. 

DELUX Magazine affords luxury purveyors the broadest access to a radically distinctive group of male and female consumers: affluent African-Americans (AAAs). The combination of DELUX Magazine and the DELUX 360 Experience (a multimedia venture encompassing, the DELUX Social e-newsletter, and DELUX iPad/Android is a one-of-a-kind multimedia venture that provides marketers with traditional and alternative ways to reach our audience of influencers at home, work, and play. Delux Magazine has been in circulation for 12 years.

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