Mind of a Fashionista was started in the beginning of 2013, striving to be a one stop shop for fashion and style news.  AK Brown started the blog solo in 2013 but later added her best friend Diamond Hudson in 2014. AK is currently majoring in Fashion Merchandising while Diamond is pursing Fashion Marketing.

On top of fashion, Mind of a Fashionista covers personal style, health, beauty, and blogging tips as well as what they like to call “Jaunts & Junkets”, showcasing their adventures as they dabble into travel blogging. The two bloggers have worked with many local and nationally known designers and brands such as Shan Keith, Brand Child Events, Kris Cole, Patron, and Neutrogena. AK and Diamond have been official St. Louis Fashion Week bloggers and have been nominated for the blogger award during Saint Louis Fashion Week.


Let’s get to know more about Mind of a Fashionista and AK Brown!

What was your inspiration to start blogging?

AK: My inspiration to start blogging was my new life of being a mother.  As a young mother I decided to change my major from fashion design to fashion merchandising because I knew I had to be more practical when it came to how I would support my daughter.  But with doing that, I also wanted to still be a very relevant person in the St. Louis fashion industry and I heard blogging was a good way to do that.  So one day, January 5th to be exact, I set up my blogger account, made my first post in like 20 minutes, and it’s been going strong ever since.  Diamond decided to join officially at the end of 2014 after about 6 months of debating if she could even do it.  When she saw the atmosphere at the blogger awards and my recognition, it gave her the spark she needed to be a part of the brand.

When was Mind of a Fashionista launched?
AK: #MOAF was launched January 5, 2013.
What do you feel is the difference between fashion and style?
AK: Fashion to me, anyone can acquire because it’s a technical term and almost an actual product, whereas one has to be able to develop their own sense of style.  For example, I would say we are more so editorial fashion bloggers because we tend to do more pieces on facts within the fashion industry, what’s trending and what’s not, whereas style bloggers take their creative eye and put together outfits that they believe any one of their readers can imitate and make their own.
Are there other avenues in fashion/style that you would like to venture into?
AK: As of right now, I am in the process of developing my own virtual PR company for urban entertainment, especially here in St. Louis. I would hope to incorporate our blog as one of the top clients to use as the forefront to bring on other bloggers, fashion designers, stylists, music artists and entertainers in St. Louis and surrounding areas.
One fun fact about yourself.
AK: I don’t eat cereal and milk, lol, it’s gross!
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Go check out Mind of Fashionista for all of your fashion and style news: www.mindofafashionista.com

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