The latest label to emerge on the St. Louis music scene is Delmar Records boasting a very accomplished roster of artist such as: Tef Poe, T Dubb O, Indiana Rome, rap duo Legend Camp, and vocalist James K.    Perhaps equally as impressive would be the front office of the young label each one with vast experience from years of working in music promotion, sales, and marketing.


A Kickstarter campaign was created to help this label packed with execs and talented artist to get the funding it needs support from a community of early adopters and music lovers the world over.

You may have heard the name before but what exactly is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is an all or nothing funding source where project creators go to raise money for films, technology, design projects and more. Here are some stats: Since 2009, over 8 million people have pledged over $1.6 billion dollars to over 80,000 projects.  So in this case someone specifically, Derrick “Tech Supreme” Kilgore, an accomplished business owner, award winning music producer, and part owner of the Delmar Records label decides he wants the help of backers to help fund the labels goals. To date, an impressive 44% of projects have reached their funding goals and Delmar Records would like be a part of that percentage. Tech Supreme says, “with this Kickstarter your contribution will first go directly toward funding the projects of each artist: Indiana Rome’s Dope Dealer 2, Tef Poe’s War Machine 3, the debut release by James K., T-Dubb-O’s new album, and Legend Camp’s premiere on Delmar Records. Anything additional will help us secure a building for operations. We are currently negotiating an office & recording space directly on Delmar Ave and your contribution might just help land us there.  Pretty dope, to be able to say “I helped put Delmar on Delmar” – right?”

The campaign has a few days to go and with 65 backers the label is further from their goal than they would like, but you can change that! To help encourage backers the label has offered several incentives supporters can receive. Whether it is awesome merchandise, sitting in on a recording session, a feature from one of the artists, or hanging out backers have a wide range of incentives to choose from if they pledge anywhere from $5 to the $10,000 level. I selected the “Hit My Plug Package” level because after knowing and following the careers of many of these artists and working with a few of the execs I understand the mission.  I would stake my reputation on the label and I agree that it would be dope to say that you helped put Delmar Records on Delmar.

Here’s the link now let’s go!!! Kickstart the Delmar Records Revolution



DeWarren Smith