The New Columbia Records Star Wants You to Try Her In A New Way

These days nothing is stopping Detroit’s newest emcee Dej Loaf. Lately she’s been dropping video after video off her Sell Sole project and on tour around the country to throngs of fans who have come to adore her Dejness. The past week has seen the young star be accused of stealing rappers wives tour dates in Florida and North Carolina and she’s not stopping.

The Video

Me U & Hennessy is pure seduction even without the visual, but believe me you are going to want to see the visual. The demure brown skinned cutie is taking a departure from the Jerseys and Furs and has donned Victoria Secret Collection outfits while sprawled seductively across  California King Beds and Beach shores. The vocal  seductively draws you in as she tells you exactly how she likes it and who doesn’t appreciate direction in the bedroom. “You kiss on my thighs, and then you eat it, pause for a minute, then I let you beat it…”


I have found the entire Sell Sole project very balanced and have come to love Dej Loaf. She will be making an appearance 04/26 at Harry’s here in St. Louis and you track her movements on Instagram here :@dejloaf


DeWarren Smith