ISlightly Askew Theater Ensemble : Hamletmachine
Wednesdays-Saturdays, June 9-26 at 7:30 PM at 2720 Cherokee Street in the ArtDimensions Gallery.
Featuring: Adam Elkana-Hale, Johanna Elkana-Hale, William Rauch, Rachel Tibbetts, Kimberly C. Weller Directed by Ellie Schwetye; Choreography by Sarajane Alverson. The plays of Heiner Muller are as dense as they are brief – shell fragments fired into our collective psyche. What Mueller does is boil down a universally recognizable story to its skeleton. Of his vast body of work, Hamletmachine is probably Mueller’s most recognizable, and possibly the least accessible. Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble will transform Mueller’s dark Hamletmachine text into a circus-like music video that both celebrates and challenges traditional theatre forms, using the best elements of pop culture to take the mystique out of the text, and make it accessible. The spectator may recognize the farce behind the so-called despair of the intellectual: Hamlet is a clown; Ophelia is a Lady Gaga.

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